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Red Delicious apple
These sweet, soft apples are good for eating out of hand, but don't bake them or use them in pies. Avoid buying them in the summer; they sometimes get mushy.

Crisp, juicy apples are great in lunchboxes, but they can also be made into pies and tarts, pressed into cider, or baked with sugar and spices. Select apples that are firm, deeply colored, and of average size. Reject those that have soft spots or broken skins. They're available throughout the year, but they're usually better and cheaper in the fall.


Three medium apples weigh about one pound. One medium apple yields about one cup of slices.


Asian pear OR
pear OR
quince (A good choice for baking. It's pleasantly tart, and the fruit holds its shape very well.) OR
chayote squash (This makes a terrific "apple" pie.)