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Creighton Brothers & Crystal Lake
Atwood, IN

In 1925 Hobart and Russell Creighton founded their family poultry business
with 1,200 white leghorn chickens. They dedicated themselves to building a
tradition that's now in its third generation. Today Creighton Brothers
operates numerous growing and laying farms, a swine production facility,
crop farming operations, a feed mill facility, and processing plant.
In the early days of the business, the hatchery was the mainstay of its
operation. Today, we hatch nearly ten million pullet chicks using a portion
to replenish our layer facilities. Creighton Brothers operates its own feed
mill where an immense amount of feed is mixed daily to supply our growing
and laying farms. Our mill also provides feed for more than 1,500 farrow-to-
finish sows in our swine operation. We supply a portion of our own grain to
the feed mill by farming over 6,000 acres of crops. Creighton Brothers supplies our sister
company, Crystal Lake Egg Products, with eggs for breaking that are uniform with consistent
yolk color. All Crystal Lake products are processed and pasteurized under continuous USDA
supervision and are certified Kosher. Crystal Lake offers a full line of egg products including
whole eggs, egg whites, egg yolks, scrambled egg blends, sugar yolk, and salt yolk. The
company also produces a variety of hard cooked and peeled eggs that are available in an all-
natural solution or our modified atmosphere pack. To round out its product line, Crystal Lake
also offers a variety of pre-cooked and frozen egg products.
Egg production - Our layer facilities are spread throughout the countryside to protect them
from the threat of transmitted diseases. All of the houses are operated "off-line" with the
eggs brought into the central processing plant. At the farm, the eggs are placed on sanitized
plastic flats and put immediately into coolers. This not only maintains, but actually extends,
the eggs "just laid" freshness.
Egg Grading – Eggs are selected from the farm each day and
brought to the processing plant where they are washed,
candled, weighed, and sent to designated packing lines for
packaging. Eggs are packed in a variety of sizes for food
service and retail grocery outlets. A full-time, on-site USDA
inspector supervises strict quality standards along with our
own in-house quality assurance. For our food service
customers, the special Creighton Brothers white case is our
guarantee for premium quality. Each case displays safe egg
handling and preparation guidelines for the end user.

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P O BOX 220