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Dewig Meats
Haubstadt, IN

In 1916, Anton Dewig started what is today Dewig Bros. Packing Co., Inc. Later Anton
was joined by his two brothers, Joe and John Dewig. In those days the only tools that the
employees of Dewigs used to process meat were their knives. From these humble beginnings
the Dewig family has advanced their company to be one of the most successful meat packing
plants in Indiana. The family had actually been involved in the meat business before the
Haubstadt, Indiana plant was opened. John Dewig's father had been a road butcher who went
farm to farm in the area earlier in this century.
John's sons, Tom and Bill, bought the business from their uncles, Anton and Joe in
1962. Since then the plant has continually evolved to keep up with new technology and
processes. Since Bill Dewig retired in 1990, the business has been owned and operated byhis
brother, Tom. Many members of the family work at the plant, including all of Tom's family.
His wife, Janet, their son, Dean, and his wife, Karen, and daughter, Darla, and her husband,
Aaron. The new additions to the Dewig family are Tom and Janet's grandchildren, Darell
Austin (15), Sarah Jade (13), Jesse Logan (8), Jarrett Anthony (8) and twin girls, Addison Mae
and Heidi Rae (2).
Today, state of the art meat cutting equipment and computers are standard fixtures
at the plant. Some things never change, as each meat cutter still carriers his own knife belt
and steel. The company currently employs more than 60 people, most of whom are related
to the Dewigs. The plant used to be in competition with five or six meat packers from nearby
Evansville, IN. With our quality meats and outstanding service, we are the only remaining
plant left in the area.
What accounts for Dewig's success over the years? It would have to be the company's
willingness to give customers what they want while still being diversified. If the past is any
indication of where this company isgoing, the future looks good for Dewig Meats. As owner
Tom Dewig states, "When I say the Dewigs have been here since 1916, I'm telling you that we
are strong on history and strong in our traditions, but we wouldn't still be here if we hadn't
stayed current and up to date."

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P O BOX 186