5911 WEST 50 SOUTH
LaPorte, IN

Garwood Orchards
LaPorte, IN

The Garwood family has been farming the same land for over 180 years.
Through six generations, we've maintained a focus on farming, family, and
It’s been apples and more, since 1831 for the Garwood’s! Not many family
businesses can claim that longevity and it’s something we don’t take lightly. We
currently farm over 350 acres which includes approximately 200 acres of apples and
150 acres of peaches, raspberries, pumpkins, strawberries, cherries, sweet corn,
peppers, cucumbers, and a variety of other vegetables.
John Garwood was a carpenter who moved to LaPorte County in 1831 and took
up farming and other ventures. He was a founding father of the LaPorte area and built
a school house for neighboring children in the Scipio township area. Historical records
show that people felt fondly about him and his wife, Jane, whom was said to have
been “kind to the Indians of the area”. Jane seems to be referred to as “Grandma
Garwood” in historical accounts and was known for trading with and helping the
Indians in the area of LaPorte County where they settled in 1831. That area is Scipio
Township and by locals the specific area near Garwood Orchards is called Pinola.
Currently running day to day operations are 6th generation Garwood’s. Tom,
Brian, and Mike Garwood have taken over for their fathers Carl and Jim who continue
to help on the farm on a regular basis although they may claim to be retired. The
thing is this: a family business means you will find family at the business. At least,
that’s what it means to us. Carl and Jim learned this from their father Carl and his
brother Elmer, who learned it from their father George, son to John II… the son of
John Garwood I – a lasting tradition of hard work and love for farming…since 1831.
Carl A. Garwood was the originator of the Garwood Farm Market on 50 South in
the 1950’s. At which time he began selling Apples and Cider out of a garage structure
on the same property where today’s market is located. Things have changed quite a
bit since then, but the same standards of quality and care are given to everything we
do and you can count on fresh, safe, quality produce when you shop at Garwood’s.

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5911 WEST 50 SOUTH
LaPorte, IN