Schnabeltier Cheese
Rochester, IN

Opened for business in October 2014, Schnabeltier is the region’s first Artisan
Cheesemaker & Farm Winery and the only facility in the Midwest focusing primarily on cheese
and wine production. Our goal is to achieve flavors in our wines that specifically complement
our cheese selection, and bring Old World European flavor and artisan quality to the Midwest.
Schnabeltier uses top quality, locally sourced milk from a small family farm located in
Bourbon, Indiana. The herd at Lemler Farms consists of around 80 Guernsey’s, Milking
Shorthorns, Brown Swiss and Ayrshires. None of the cows are numbered, each cow has a
name, and the farmers know each of the cows by sight. All of the cows are grass fed and free
to roam the large pastures around the farm. The entire herd is hormone free and the farm is
The milk Schnabeltier gets from Lemler Farms is RBST free and high in butterfat and
protein, giving their artisan cheeses the best possible flavor! Schnabeltier’s cheesemakers
haul all of the milk from the farm directly to Schnabeltier where it is tested in the on-site lab
to ensure consistent quality both upon arrival and before off-loading.
The cheese making room at Schnabeltier is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment
imported from the Netherlands. The vat can hold up to 250 gallons of milk and make up to
300 lbs of cheese per batch. The large humidity and temperature controlled aging room
features hand built, local oak shelving for cheese aging and wine storage. Schnabeltier can
currently produce up to 500 lbs of cheese per day and hold over 10 tons of cheese in the aging
room! The name Schnabeltier is the German word for platypus. The platypus has “all the
good things” from several animals – beaver tail for powerful swimming, a duck bill for
scooping up food, webbed feet for propulsion, and not to mention those extremely poisonous
spurs that give it a little bit of bad-assery! The management team of Schnabeltier frequents
Germany and asked their children what souvenirs they wanted. The oldest daughter collected
toy stuffed platypusesand would always ask for one. It was very trying to find a stuffed
platypus in Germany, let alone explain what it was. They found out that Schnabeltier meant
platypus in German! The name has a special meaning in their hearts and they hope that their
cheeses will make the name special to you!

5941 W. 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278