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In the Beginning....
there was this perfectly simple thing, but as with all simple things, hard to do perfectly.
Say goat cheese and what comes to mind is often a soft, fresh, mild tasting cheese, slightly lemony and acidic. Our fresh goat cheese is refreshing and bright as-is or when used as an ingredient, and shaped into a buche or log. For us, this was the first.and perhaps for that reason, still the most magical.cheese we make. Perfectly simple, delicate, and full of promise, it always reminds us of springtime.
While the taste is totally unique, its other special attribute is texture. Nothing else can deliver the impression of richness without the fat and calories, and it's this that distinguishes a goat milk fromage blanc from cow milk versions. Only goat milk produces a cheese that's light as a cloud and silken on the tongue. 2003 American Cheese Society award winner.