Piper's Pyramide
Bright and spicy-just like her namesake!
Named for our founder's red-haired granddaughter, Piper is bright and refreshing with a spicy, smoky edge. Winner of many American Cheese Society awards, including in 2016, Piper is not just 'la belle' for many a Capriole fan, but is often the ripened cheese of choice at the creamery as well. A perfect retail size, this cheese ripens so beautifully we always come back for more.
Carefully hand-ladled into individual molds, Pipers have a lovely light, cloudlike texture that gets denser and more buttery with age, breaking down into a thick cream line and a fudgy paste. Laced with just a touch of smoked paprika, it is 10 days in production and goes out very young - but it's still delicious 5-6 weeks from the code date.