12ct CS


Tea Rose
A fresh goat's milk cheese covered with Herbes de Provence, fennel pollen, and aromatic flower petals.

"We eat first with our eyes," said Apicius, and Tea Rose, our newest cheese, beckons the eye with an impressionist's palette of Spring and Summer color. The allure of this fresh, lactic cheese is far more than a lovely face. Fragrant herbs, flower petals, and a touch of fennel pollen subtly compliment the light, delicate paste of Capriole's fresh, bright chevre to evoke the spirit of the season fields, flowers, and new beginnings.

Every Capriole cheese has a story. Tea Rose is the namesake of the beautiful, chamoisee doe on our label. Purchased in 1985 from our founder's friend, Mary Keehn, Tea Rose was the matriarch of our milking herd and mother of the doe line that produced the delicious milk for our first, lactic cheeses.

While she would compliment any cheese board, we also see Tea Rose featured solo in several scenarios.perhaps with breakfast or an afternoon cup of tea, scones or an English muffin, a bit of honey. Before or after dinner with a sparkling wine.

Pairings: We think this cheese was made for flowery honeys--from orange blossom to lavender, clover, and acacia. Light citrusy, white wines like Vouvray, unoaked Chardonnay, and sparkling Blanc de Blanc are a lovely match. Most interesting we think, are the possible pairings with tea, tisanes, and light gin cocktails.