FRUIT SALAD Fresh Valley ndw
14# PAIL



Most of your customers are making their New Year resolutions (or at lease thinking about making their resolutions), help make a healthy new start for the year by providing them with healthy meals when eating away from home. Incorporate Sun Rich fruit salad into your menu mix. This fruit salad contains pineapple, oranges, cubed honeydew, and cubed cantaloupe. With outstanding taste and texture, your taste buds will thank you and your customers will keep coming back for more. Adds color, attractiveness and added value to your salad bars and prepared dishes. Ideal for breakfast. Try it in a wrap. Kids love it for lunch. Ready to use, just scoop and serve! Takes up less cooler space and easier to inventory. Consistent cut, quality, and flavor. Reduce your food safety risk. No preparation to you. No waste, 100% yield. Why wait? Order your 14# pail today!