6x2.3oz CS


This is the flavor that put us on the map! A balance of plump goji berries and crunchy cacao nibs with oats, coconut sugar, maple powder, yacon root powder, hemp protein, and cinnamon.
The spoon is included, so just add COLD water and eat it on-the-go. Certified organic, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. Great for post-yoga nourishment as well as a healthy option to keep stashed in your car or backpack. It.s like an energy bar, but more substantial. Add water or your favorite kind of milk, and got nutritious energy in a cup. Delicious! (And kids love it too.)


Rolled Oats*, Oat Flour*, Coconut Palm
Sugar*, Goji Berries*, Cacao Nibs*, Dried
Maple Syrup Powder*, Hemp Protein
Powder*, Yacon Root Powder*, Cinnamon*
* = Organic