After a visit to California's Point Reyes Cheese we were inspired to attempt a creamier bleu. Using our Gouda recipe as a starting point, we experimented for a while until we felt that we had something worth showing. The base stays creamy, and we let the curd stay slightly more open than our regular gouda to allow the tiny little crystalline delicious flecks of blue migrate throughout the wheel. A piercing process creates further development and finally the wheels are put to rest for roughly 60 days in our Blue Cave, where they are aged alongside their beloved brethren Ted, Barren County Bleu, Kentucky Rose, and Kentucky Bleu. Perfect on its own, drizzled with honey, or on salads.

Wine Pairing: Vintage Port or Sweeter Whites
Beer Pairing: Sweeter Brown ales or Wheat Beers
Food Pairing: Honey, Berries, Marcona Almonds